About Us

At CN Vision Image Consulting (CNVIC), we empower our clients by offering specialized image consulting workshops and training’s that teach our clients how to confidently and independently improve their self image without sight and prepare for employment.

CN Vision Image Consulting, LLC is unlike any other image consulting company.  We teach those with visual impairments various adaptive, non-visual techniques for professional make-up application, hairstyling, shaving, dressing in style and much more.

By assisting  individuals to become more independent, it empowers them to take their self-confidence to the next level and to make a great great impression with others from employers to dates or even family get-togethers.

Our highly trained specialists come from backgrounds ….fill in some schooling/previous work here…How long have you and others been part of the visually impaired community?  What inspired you to start this?  What is you’re vision on the future of the business?

We also assist those with other disabilities such as amputees or paraplegics.  If you have the desire of upgrading your style, CN Vision Image Consulting is here for you!

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