Our Services

Below is a list of services we offer.  We can provide group or one-on-one training at our office, your home or via video conference.

Nonvisual and Adaptive Makeup Application

As you may already know, we believe everyone (with or without a disability) should be able to perform basic tasks to get ready for their day, and this includes applying makeup. We’ve developed a useful set of unique and adaptive techniques which we’d love to share;   so if you’re blind, visually impaired or have another disability and you’d like to learn how to apply your own makeup, you’ve come to the right place!

Adaptive and non-visual shaving techniques

We teach men how to shave their own beard, or perhaps their head using non-visual techniques. By learning this technique, this will allow blind or visually impaired men to become more independent and perform their own grooming and hygiene tasks.

Job Interview Preparation

We offer trainings on how to make a great impression for the job interview process. This may include any training from the basic social etiquettes up to the professional attire.

Social Etiquette

Teaching the basic social etiquettes for different situations whether going out for a business meeting, going for a job interview, or simply meeting up with friends and family. This service can be customized to the client’s needs.

Dining Etiquette

Personal Shopping Assistance

We provide personal shopping assistant services. We help individuals who may need assistant with purchasing clothing, make-up, hairstyling or other accessories. We can customize this service depending on the client’s needs.

Professional Attire

We teach both men and women how to look professional when preparing for a job interview, business event, or simply everyday work attire.

Hair Styling Tips and Techniques

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to style your hair a certain way, but been frustrated by the results instead, you’ve come to the right place! We take a hands-on approach to showing you how to style your hair, and of course, this especially applies to persons who are blind, visually impaired, or have other disabilities. We can even suggest a few tips and styles for you to try if you’d like…

Virtual Training

Would you like to work with us, but don’t live anywhere near the greater Houston area and can’t travel? We understand, and we have a solution! With the help of technology and different software like skype, facetime, and google hangouts, we can conduct trainings via video call; and if you’re visually impaired, don’t fret. We can give sufficient verbal instructions (to include explaining how to   focus your camera) to help you learn what to do.

Group Sessions

Do you have a group of friends who are interested in our services? Are you planning a workshop or seminar? We can help with that! We offer group sessions, with team members who can also attend and help out where needed. Just book a consultation, and we’ll be happy to get everything set up…

One-On-One Trainings

CN Vision Image Consulting offers one-on-one training sessions, with content and activities specifically
tailored to your needs. We will first consult with you to learn about who you are and how we can help
you, and then, after designated dates and times are chosen, our staff will make all of the necessary
preparations to insure that you get the most out of your time with us! If one session isn’t enough, we
are more than happy to schedule multiple trainings; this way, we’ll have ample time to work with you in
every area you’d like us to.